And…that’s why you’re here right now because something is off.


Things aren’t flowing. You might be feeling out of sync or stalled.

The high-achiever in you is screaming for you to push through and “buck up buttercup,” but you know at a deeper level what you’re experiencing won’t be resolved by working harder. You tried that…it didn’t work.


There’s something bigger. It’s time to go deeper.


What’s emerging is expansive and it wants to be in the world.


There’s more you’re here to do. To be. To experience.


You’re on the verge of a shift that requires you to go soul-level -  

to connect to your emerging self and the upgraded vision for your business + life.


What if you didn’t have to do this on your own?


Hi I'm Alexis Logan


And I can help you with ALL of this!

We might be a fit to work together if you’re an entrepreneur, leader, change-maker, or industry disruptor who is ready to:

  • Answer the call for the deeper impact and fulfillment you feel in your soul and bring that into reality.

  • Understand your unique blueprint for success in life and business so you can cut the distractions and do what works for you unapologetically.

  • Honor your intuition and your soul without getting stuck or lost in the resistance, in the way of your  highest and greatest expression of your calling.

My work is the intersection were Soul AND High-Performance Meet To Amplify Your Fulfillment + Impact


Let’s talk to see if we are a fit.

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