What if what was standing between you and what you want has nothing to do with not knowing enough or working harder?

The actualization of success in any area of your life requires you grow in your esteem, your worthiness, and deservability to have what you say you desire.


But here’s the catch… you have to release the things in your life that don’t align with what you desire or they will act as an anchor holding you back from what you want.


You know this, but...


Maybe you’re negotiating with yourself about how you can make things work so you don’t have to deal with what’s been staring you in the face.


Maybe you’re in fear about what will happen and you’ve got a million stories running through your head about how things will turn out.


Maybe you never thought what needs to change would be the thing you need to change.

Whatever the reason, you KNOW things have to shift because it’s getting in the way of the success you say you want.


The Release To Rise 3-Part Audio Series is designed to help you reclaim your power by releasing what’s no longer working, what’s not aligned, and what’s truly complete so you can move forward on the path to your dreams.